Welcome Home, make yourself comfortable

Hello lovely stranger, and welcome to my website. I am a master of none and a novice of all. I work as a part time project manager and social media coordinator by day, and by night I enjoy blogging about my life and things that are happening in my day to day, hoping that other people will relate. Thank you to my readers, without you all I wouldn’t have kept this up for as long as I have, so thank you for your continuous support and love.

I originally started this blog for a Writing and Rhetoric class in 2018, then restarted it again while in recovery from a blood infection called Sepsis in 2019, and I ended up keeping up with this blog ever since. This blog is to really convey messages of growth, positivity, and being authentic with myself. I am hoping I can also spread messages of growth and positivity to you, and find some sort of solace in this big lonely world.